Street Fight Law & Lady Justice Ain’t No Lady

Formerly MMA Law, Legal Self-Defense, and the DA Blues, this updated version of Lazaro Angelus Lanza’s pioneering book about the faulty legal system and the consequences of justified self-defense will leave you breathless with its raw intensity, raucous humor, and eye-opening view of how Lady Justice Ain’t No Lady!

In essence, you have lost your right to self-defense. That seems insane, but it’s the new reality. If you defend yourself, no matter how lawfully justified, you’re likely to be arrested, charged, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All you did was stand up for yourself legally, so how could this be? Street Fight Law will take you on a journey to see how things went so wildly wrong.

The government has unlimited resources. Since you don’t, being charged means being wrecked. In trying to reclaim your life, you could face financial and emotional ruin- losing your home, savings, spouse, family, job, and peace of mind. Whether you’ve defended yourself on the street, at home, or at business, the result will be the same: Systematic injustice is headed your way.

Street Fight Law & Lady Justice Ain’t No Lady is a roadmap for maneuvering through the cruel maze of the criminal legal justice system, and the civil suit that usually ensues. Knowing the law will help you to make better decisions, if and when you have no choice but to defend yourself.

Street Fight Law & Lady Justice Ain’t No Lady will teach you:

– how to avoid provocation and unnecessary violence

– the ultimate “gray-zone”- should you strike, or should you wait?

– should talk to the police after violence occurs

– when and how you may engage                                                                        

– if you can use deadly force

– consequences of using a weapon

– defense of your property and other people

 -and SO MUCH more…

This book covers it all with a cloak of reality; not utopian beliefs that no longer apply. The insane, have taken over the insane asylum, and the prosecution system. The police, the district attorneys, the prosecutors, and the judge are NOT your friends. The justice system is a meatgrinder.

Make NO mistake, the author takes a strong stance that justified self-defense should occur when necessary, but you need to be aware that the entire system needs major reform because it’s no longer working for the victims of crime.

If confronted, should you preemptively strike, or continue de-escalation? If you strike you may wind up in prison; if you don’t you may wind up in a morgue. This is the ultimate ‘gray-zone’: you’re damned if you do; damned if you don’t. When you find yourself in that gray zone, Street Fight Law will help you make the decisions that can save your life.

Street Fight Law & Lady Justice Ain’t No Lady shall needle you and get your brain juices flowing. It’s the best few bucks you’ve ever spent!

Lazaro Angelus Lanza, Esq., “The Street Fight Lawyer”, is an attorney specializing in self-defense law, a martial arts student, a bringer of awareness to the programmed, a teacher of body-mind holistic principles, a provocateur and firebrand, and an overall Bad-Ass.

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